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About Us

This is our catalyst coaching community for female leaders, ready to release their remarkable gifting and impact generations this Decade, without losing their spirituality, family and personal peace. 

We'd work with DDK's proprietary 5-Protocol Greatness Manifesto to help you create and execute a personalised system for mastering genius, expanding leadership influence and multiplying wealth within the next 1 - 3 years. 

Own your exclusive access to brand-new courses, coaching challenges and resources dripped bi-weekly across the Power-Pillars in our Future-Forward Female™ Blueprint.

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What Happens in The MasterMind!

The Future-Forward Female™ MasterMind with DDK is a powerhouse of positive vibes, visionary energy, catalytic coaching, fun friendships and life-changing wisdom! 

Here, you're empowered to rising into significance and access all that God has prepared for you! We walk through a step-by-step Comprehensive Growth Plan that empowers you to rise and reign this Decade as a woman of worth, wisdom and wealth.

There are:

🔥Bi-Weekly Dripped Brand-New Future-Forward Female Course Modules, complete with Workbooks and Supporting Resources.

🔥Bi-Weekly Coaching Challenges - specific (sometimes challenging but exciting) tasks to be completed on your Growth Plan

🔥Weekly Catalytic Coaching Conversations by DDK

🔥Your Unique MasterMind Labs (smaller squads with other amazing women, led by your Support Coaches)

🔥Learning Reviews (for courses, books and resources)

🔥Monthly Coaching Calls + Q and A with DDK

🔥Fun Activities, Pitch Deck Contests, Opportunity Sharing etc.

Explore IMMERSE Inner Circle Courses

This MasterMind runs its own Future-Forward Female™ Blueprint, Assessment and Curriculum. But you also have complementary access to IMMERSE Inner Circle Membership Courses. 

Utilise the Courses for self-paced study. Log into the IMMERSE School through learn.immerseinnercircle.com